NAM's Earth Day Bus Tour Will Educate Children

The National Assn. of Manufacturers and its research arm, The Manufacturing Institute, will cosponsor EcoTour 2000, a nationwide bus tour to educate kids and communities about the environment and how to improve it.

Beginning in Washington on Earth Day, Apr. 22, the bus tour will visit schools in 13 different cities across the U.S. The goal of the tour is to highlight manufacturing and agricultural innovations that improve the environment and explain how the students themselves can contribute to a cleaner world.

The tour will be led by Cincinnati-based Silver Hammer Workshops, and will include live Internet link-ups of tour stops as well as field trips to manufacturing plants. Others helping include the Ag-Earth Partnership and Bridgestone Tires.

"EcoTour 2000 is an exciting and fun way to spread the good news about manufacturers and the environment," says Bill Canis, executive director of The Manufacturing Institute. "We're going beyond the beltway to America's next generation to show how technology and innovation help manufacturers improve the environment."

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