Nestlé To Open German Development And Technology Center

By John S. McClenahen Saying the move is expected to improve and accelerate the product R&D cycle, the Vevey, Switzerland-based Nestlé Group next year will open its global culinary development and technology center in the southern German city of Singen. The move will bring onto the same site R&D personnel now based at the Kemptthal, Switzerland product technology center and the Weiding, Germany R&D technology center. "The location of the new product technology center [PTC] in Singen represents the most efficient solution for Nestlé," the company states. "Germany is the group's most important dehydrated culinary market as well as a key exporter to other European markets, and there will be significant benefits gain from having the PTC unit and the Singen factory application group in close proximity to each other." Nestlé estimates that about 200 employees will be affected by the move, "with a number of employees to be reassigned to other areas of Nestlé operations."

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