NetVendor Enables Sourcing Of Direct Materials

By Jonathan Katz NetVendor, an Atlanta-based provider of Internet software and services for manufacturers and distributors, announced its strategy for "B2B Supplier Enablement." The supplier enablement proposition will allow suppliers to collaborate with their customers on various levels for the strategic sourcing of direct materials, which are essential materials that manufacturers use to produce a specific product, says Eric Nilsson, vice president of product management, NetVendor. "Trading exchanges to date have focused primarily on selling maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) products, meaning indirect materials," says Sean McCloskey, president and CEO, NetVendor. "The biggest business opportunity for trading exchanges, however, is in selling direct materials." The announcement coincides with the release of NetVendor's e-commerce solution NetVendor E.MBRACE 4.0, which provides the functionality to manage and optimize trading relationships of direct material suppliers, including the trading relationships between industrial suppliers and OEMs.

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