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New Customs Services Address Air Cargo Industry

Cargo Portal Services (CPS) has bolstered its services for freight forwarder and airline users with the addition of house waybill processing and a reusable template for recurring bookings. Waybills are receipts for goods being shipped. CPS says its house waybill services were implemented in response to a new ruling that became effective for East Coast U.S. ports on Aug. 13 and would be extended throughout the country. The ruling requires that airlines and forwarders provide the house waybill details of shipments no less than four hours in advance of flights arriving into the U.S. Failure to provide the information would result in delayed shipments. CPS says the new house waybill service can be accessed via the Web, through an XML system-to-system interface with forwarder systems; or through an electronic data interchange-Internet interface with forwarder systems. CPS will also launch a new service, in October, called "recycle booking," which allows users to store booking data in a template for future use. CPS is an electronic booking and Cargo 2000-accredited shipment management service for the air cargo industry. It is operated by Unisys Corp.

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