New Exchange Matches Linux Developers To Hardware Donations

A developer of Linux-based thin server solutions for small businesses has launched a free Web-based exchange for Linux developers and those wishing to donate computer equipment to them. Hauppague, N.Y.-based BASCOM Global Internet Services Inc. announced this week the start of BASCOM's Open Source Equipment Exchange (, which is designed to further foster open source development of the renegade operating system that is becoming more commonplace in the corporate world. "While the embrace of Linux as a serious business platform has been a relatively recent phenomenon, BASCOM committed to developing on Linux from the company's inception over four years ago," says Bob DeRossa, BASCOM's chief technology officer. "As such, we've been integrally involved and invested in the open source movement and launched the Open Source Equipment Exchange to further spur development by making critical hardware resources available to those who need it most." Because the Linux operating system requires relatively modest "horsepower" to drive it -- unlike Windows NT or Windows 2000 -- older class computers that have outlived their use in corporate environments will be given renewed life in the hands of Linux developers, according to BASCOM. Linux service provider Caldera Systems Inc. praised the new exchange. "The strength of Linux as a mission critical operating system derives in large part from the collaborative spirit of open source developers committed to its continued evolution," says Benoy Tamang, vice president of Marketing, Caldera Systems. "We applaud and support BASCOM's Open Source Equipment Exchange program to the extent that it provides developers with needed resources to continue pushing the envelope of innovation."

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