New Product Line Promises Control Of E-Mail

Compiled By Jill Jusko Sendmail Inc. says its new Mailstream Manager product line addresses the growing need to filter unwanted e-mail, monitor content distributed through the network, and simplify e-mail system-performance analysis and optimization. The product line gives enterprises the choice to implement a comprehensive e-mail flow-management solution or select only those products that meet their individual business needs. Mailstream Manager's anti-spam filter allows administrators to set rules to control e-mail content. Deployed at the server, the filter includes a linguistic engine that provides what Sendmail says is a more advanced analysis of e-mail than simple key word or string matching technologies. "A rapid rise of internal and external threats to corporate e-mail systems has created a demand for tools that can effectively control and manage these systems," says Wiley Hodges, director of Sendmail's Mailstream Manager product line. "We offer customers the products to enforce their e-mail policies, eliminate unwanted e-mail and improve the reliability of their e-mail systems."

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