New RFID Tool Available To SAP ERP Users

Acsis Inc. has augmented its radio frequency identification (RFID) offerings for companies using SAP's enterprise resource planning software. RFID Expert System is a combination of software and services to enable the diagnosis and resolution of product, shipping environment and integration issues associated with RFID implementations. The RFID Expert System, an analytical software-based modeling tool, is a new component of the Acsis RFID Readiness Program, which launched earlier this year to help evaluate areas where RFID readiness applies. In addition to its launch of the Expert System, Acsis has expanded its RFID laboratory at its Marlton, N.J., headquarters. Field engineers and consultants at that location use the Expert System to generate reports detailing issues that must be addressed to successfully integrate RFID. Documented items to be delivered to companies include optimal RFID-reader and antenna configurations, RFID tagging and reading processes, and recommendations on any business-process changes needed to optimize the RFID installation.

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