New Service Offers Marketplace Options To Small Businesses

Newport, Calif.-based, an online supply-chain management company, announced the launch of Small Business Express (SBX), which will serve as a platform for small companies that want to use the Internet for conducting trade between buyers and suppliers. "SBX provides small-business owners with the same B2B and supply-chain functionality that, to date, has been affordable by only the largest of corporations," says Rob Rennie, CEO of "Put simply, we've leveled the playing field." The SBX-Net Market Maker has a monthly cost of $50 per seat and also are charged $30 a month for buyers using their private marketplace. Marketplace owners are not charged for suppliers. "SBX marketplaces are affordable to all -- buyers and/or suppliers can now become owners and have just one place to go to manage their online business functions," says Mike Share,'s director of business development.

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