New Test Apparatus Simulates Emissions

Compiled By Frank R. Chloupek The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has developed a test system to simulate the emissions from automobile powertrains or related components. The test system simulates a vehicle transmission operating under a number of real-world road and environmental situations including stop-and-go traffic, aerodynamic drag and operating temperatures. "This equipment can greatly reduce the development cost and time to market for a new vehicle," explains Gary Stecklein, director of SwRI's Engine and Vehicle Research Division. "Engineers can evaluate a prototype transmission, for example, while the engine is still being developed, reducing the vehicle's development cycle by a year or so." Additionally, SwRi's research can be extended into other automotive equipment. "[W]e expect to develop and market similar test systems for engines, electric motors, batteries and accessories for automotive and equipment manufacturers and other service organizations," notes Stecklein. SwRI is a San Antonio, Texas-based applied research and development organization.

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