Nissan Establishes Environmental Committee

Nissan North America Inc., Torrance, Calif., has established a North American Environmental Management Committee to help the company make environmentally responsible decisions. The committee covers such areas as technology, fuel economy, manufacturing, vehicle emissions, alternative fuels, and recycling.

The committee is led by Emil Hassan, senior vice president of Nissan North America.

"This committee complements similar committees established in Japan and Europe, which will work collectively to further Nissan's global environmental philosophy of the symbiosis of people, vehicles, and nature," Hassan says. "Supporting this philosophy, Nissan is extending its environmental management system with focuses on achieving a cleaner automotive society and conserving natural resources."

In addition to developing environmentally efficient automobiles, Nissan is working to get its plants certified under the ISO 14000 environmental management system guidelines, which sets standards for an organization to carry out an environmental protection program.

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