October Symposium Addresses Procurement, Inventory Strategies

Driving down the cost of doing business is the primary focus of an Oct. 17 symposium presented by LogicTools Inc., a supply-chain planning tools developer. The one-day event, Symposium 2003: Procurement and Inventory Strategies, will investigate strategies for improving profitability by strategically positioning inventory throughout the supply chain. It will be held in Chicago. Chicago-based LogicTools said attendees can expect to hear presentations from supply-chain experts, as well as case studies and panel discussions. The symposium also will address best practices in global sourcing, and managing risk in the supply chain. "The No. 1 concern of business leaders in the global economy is to remain competitive," says David Simchi-Levi, chairman of LogicTools. "That means they need to be able to analyze the drivers of inventory in order to improve supply-chain performance. It's all about using information to look at 'what-if' scenarios and ultimately making decisions." For more information, visit www.logic-tools.com/symposium2003/more.html.

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