Online Chemical Marketplace Enlists Help Of B2B Company

ChemConnect -- a global Internet exchange for chemicals and plastics -- has chosen webMethods B2B to enable real-time business-to-business transactions. ChemConnect's World Chemical Exchange provides an open, neutral market for chemicals and plastics manufacturers, buyers, and intermediaries to conduct real-time online transactions. As part of the webMethods Inc. agreement, ChemConnect's customers, distributors, and suppliers will receive webMethods B2B for Partners, allowing partners to integrate their back-end procurement systems with the trading exchange. Transactions will be automated -- with orders placed on internal purchasing applications and submitted instantaneously across corporate firewalls to partners. The initial project will provide the integration solution for some of ChemConnect's 23 charter members including Eastman Chemical Co. webMethods provides software solutions for business-to-business integration; webMethods B2B supports all open standards and protocols of the Internet.

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