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Online Courses Aid Autoworkers Embarking On QS-9000

The Michigan Virtual Automotive & Manufacturing College and Eastern Michigan University (EMU) -- with assistance from Saline, Mich.-based Management Resources International -- announce two new online courses developed jointly for automotive suppliers that must comply with QS-9000 quality system requirements.

The first course, Understanding QS-9000, is a four-hour, basic overview designed for general workers who need to know their roles in meeting quality standards. It also is available as a 16-hour, instructor-facilitated course, providing a more in-depth review for individuals who will be actively involved in developing, implementing, or maintaining the quality system.

The second online course, Internal Quality System Auditing, is designed for employees who are responsible for maintaining and improving their organization's quality system. The course also provides supplemental training for audit team leaders and audit program managers. By the conclusion of the course, participants will know how to properly plan, conduct, and report findings of an internal quality system audit.

For more information, or to register, visit Michigan Virtual Automotive & Manufacturing College's Web site at or EMU's site at EMU will handle the registration process; corporate discounts are available.

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