Online Learning System Offered For Trial

Intranet-delivered business-skill training programs can now be evaluated on a trial basis from McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning, Worthington, Ohio. The pilot program includes 10 online training modules originally developed by Xebec Interactive Learning Inc.:

  • Presentation Skills: Preparation, writing, visual aids, delivery, and answering questions.
  • Finance For Non-financial Managers: Managing money, understanding the money cycle, managing working capital.
  • Managing People: Motivation, resolving conflict.
The program allows organizations to test all 10 intranet-delivered modules for 90 days for $4,000. Another option allows purchasers of CD-ROM programs to subsequently upgrade to intranet-delivered courses by applying the entire purchase price of CD-ROMs. Each module contains 30 to 50 minutes of practical tips and techniques in interactive format, with multimedia, exercises, drama, and humor. Other features of the course system include:
  • Centralized administration, which tracks course usage by student, student usage by course, and test scores.
  • Built-in discussion groups.
  • "Job-Help" to quickly access specific learning segments for immediate training needs.
  • Reminder system to inform students about new courses, updates, and assignments.
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