Online Network, Computer Technical Service Available Free

Stumped by a computer or network problem? Find your answer at, a free, online marketplace for technical support and services offered by NoWonder Inc. Users can ask questions about Macintosh, Windows, Windows 2000, Linux/Unix, OS/2, BeOS, and Web/HTML challenges. Several thousand volunteers in 49 countries sift through questions, selecting those in their field of expertise, and respond within 24 hours to consumers, users, and help-desk staff at corporations of all sizes. NoWonder realizes a 93% satisfaction rate among users for its free support services, according to the company. A tool called Talkback helps NoWonder service providers, software developers, and help-desk technicians trouble shoot technical problems. The tool can collect almost any data from a user's computer or from an application running on the user's computer. It then sends this information over the Internet to a database where it is available for diagnosing problems. Talkback data is passed through firewalls secured by encryption algorithms, though password-protected proxy servers will not allow Talkback communications.

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