Packaging Provider Chooses 'Demand Aggregation' For Online Sales

A Cleveland-based packaging provider will offer a "deal room" through its Web site, where multiple buyers can join their orders to lower costs. Weatherchem Corp. has hired eWinWin Inc., a Cleveland-based e-commerce company, to provide the application. Weatherchem Vice President of Operations Floyd Ostrowski says eWinWin was chosen because its demand aggregation approach benefits buyers and suppliers. "Multiple buyers of the same product can aggregate their orders around a preset ship date," explains Greg Mesaros, founder and CEO of eWinWin. "As more buyers place orders, the price goes down for everyone. At the same time, the supplier gains planning and production efficiencies." Weatherchem supplies living-hinge technology, dispensing closures, and protective or controlled-access packaging to the food and beverage, household and agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and personal-care products industries.

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