Panorama Incorporates Activity-Based Costing

If you like activity-based costing, you'll love what Panorama Business Views and ABC Technologies announced on April 1. Panorama, which makes a performance measurement system called pb views, will integrate activity-based costing data from ABC's system, called Oros.

"The ability to seamlessly transfer information between these applications will enable organizations to build comprehensive performance measurement solutions and automatically incorporate detailed ABC data," says Mike Tipping, CEO of Panorama, based in Toronto. Chris Pieper, CEO of Beaverton, Oreg.-based ABC, adds that the integration "forms the most powerful performance measurement system on the market today."

Meshing activity-based costing data with other performance measures can help companies achieve business goals. Says Steve Player, partner and director of cost management for Arthur Andersen, "It enables companies to align key activities and processes to strategic objectives. Understanding activities helps you to move ... in a positive direction."

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