Partnership Expands Supply-Chain Solution

Compiled By Dave Schafer SCT Corp.'s iProcess.sct, a business solution for process manufacturers and distributors, is expanding thanks to a partnership between SCT and G-Log Inc., a provider of Internet-based supply-chain logistics-management solutions. SCT says the combined solution leverages the G-Log logistics platform -- which provides planning, optimization, visibility, control, and settlement of shipments and orders -- with the collaborative supply-chain distribution and network-optimization capabilities of SCT's iProcess.sct solution. iProcess.sct consists of components for supply-chain planning and optimization, supply-chain execution, relationship network management, and Internet commerce. "The addition of G-Log's solutions will expand the depth of iProcess.sct and help our clients optimize manufacturing and transportation decisions based on accurate real-time information from their logistics networks," says Jim Brown, vice president of solutions strategy and marketing, SCT, Malvern, Pa. G-Log's Darcy MacClaren, senior vice president, business development, says, "We believe the combined solution will enable companies to collaborate more effectively with their suppliers, improve customer service, and respond more quickly to market opportunities."

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