PeopleSoft Links To Camstar MES

PeopleSoft Inc. recently announced plans to integrate its manufacturing package with Camstar Systems Inc.'s InSite manufacturing execution system (MES). The goal is to establish a much-needed closer link between enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and shop-floor control systems, or MES. "Camstar's system is a great complement to the PeopleSoft Production Management solution, offering customers better control of their production environment -- allowing them to handle the entire manufacturing process, from sales order entry through plant floor operations and product delivery," says Mike Frandsen, vice president and general manager of the supply-chain management division at PeopleSoft in Pleasanton, Calif. Using the two integrated systems, manufacturing managers can track and manage all orders, materials, process steps, and equipment, and achieve integration and information exchange between the planning and cell control levels of the plant. They also will be able to capture and store production history, enabling full traceability to meet government or customer requirements. Based in Campbell, Calif., Camstar provides MES software to the semiconductor, electronics, textiles, paper, metals, and food industries.

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