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Poll: Job Seekers Saying OK To Relocation

Compiled By Tonya Vinas More job candidates are willing to relocate if the right job comes along, according to a recent Web-based survey by executive recruiting company FPC, New York. The company's ongoing polling of job seekers who use its Web site showed that 77% of respondents polled in September and November are "somewhat willing," "willing," or "very willing" to relocate for the right reasons. The company says it noticed a rise in unwillingness to relocate after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, although it attributed this more to changing attitudes than economic reasons. This most recent poll of about 1,800 people shows that attitude turning around. "The fact that job candidates are more willing to relocate is good because it gives them greater flexibility in the job search," says FPC president Dennis Inzinna. "They should be aware, though, that some companies are giving preference to local candidates to avoid the costs associated with relocation, a situation which is tied to the current economy. Still, candidates who know when to leverage the value of either their presence in the local market or their ability to move have an advantage." Web poll participants also shared the reasons that would make a relocation even more likely. The No. 1 response at 36% was opportunity for career advancement. Thirteen percent of respondents -- the second largest group -- would move for an improved work environment/corporate culture. Tied as the third-place response at 12% were, "ability to balance work and personal life" and "reward (compensation and acknowledgement)."

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