Pre-Employment Screening Service Available On The Internet

You can nip potential negligent-hiring problems and lawsuits in the bud with an online pre-employment screening service from Avert Inc., according to the company. AVERTnet allows employers to outsource background checks of prospective employees in areas of credit history, criminal record, driving record, education verification, social security number validation, prior employment verification, and workers' compensation histories. Detailed reports can be available instantaneously, or within 48 hours depending on the data source queried. The system can be customized to meet unique concerns, policies, and procedures of using companies. Based on Avert experience of almost 1 million searches in 1998, 9% of all job applicants have a felony record; 14% have "problem credit;" 11% have had a previous workers' compensation claim; and 31% of all applicants misrepresented their employment records.

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