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Program Allows Audio Web Postings Via Phone

iTalk Server version 1.2, an Internet-enabled computer telephony network application from TellSoft Technologies Inc., Colorado Springs, Colo., allows users to record, broadcast, update, and listen to audio messages on an Internet or intranet Web site using a touch-tone telephone.

The iTalk Server converts messages recorded over a touch-tone telephone into RealAudio files (a streaming audio technology from RealNetworks Inc.) and publishes them to a Web site. Access to the iTalk Server can be secured, providing system administrators and users with appropriate levels of access to record, publish, and/or listen to messages. This level of security allows the iTalk Server to accommodate public Internet as well as private intranet applications. Users can listen to iTalk voicetext messages with any commercial Web browser and RealAudio plug-in. Alternatively, users also can listen to the same audio messages with any touch-tone telephone. Web sites can be updated by anyone at anytime without requiring a computer, modem, or Internet connection.

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