Program Boosts Productivity For Advanced Design, Simulation Markets

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced its development of Sun Technical Compute Farm (TCF), a program that incorporates Sun's enterprise servers, computing engines, and storage arrays, as well as networking equipment and resource-management software for compute-intensive industries. Sun TCF, which addresses the demand for increased computing power, will aid customers in electronic design automation, computer-aided engineering, bioinformatics, and simulation. Ericsson, Landmark Graphics, SiliconX, and Synopsys Inc. are some of the companies that have already embraced the program. "A compute farm solution addresses performance and resource management issues and boosts productivity," says Debra Martucci, vice president of IS at Synopsys Inc. "Sun Technical Compute Farm allows us to focus on our core competencies and avoid spending cycles on the intricacies of designing a compute farm from scratch." Ken Okin, vice president and general manager of Workstation Products Group at Sun Microsystems, says Sun TCF will provide faster and more efficient service to customers. "Our integrated compute farm enables customers to quickly and cost effectively harness the power of their networks to help maximize resource utilization, enhancing productivity, speeding development, and reduce development cycles," Okin notes.

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