Program Offers Customized Access To Calendar

Provide customized calendar views from a central database with Calendar Central V2, Web-based calendar of events for corporate intranet and Internet communities from iRenaissance Inc., Research Triangle Park, N.C. Applicable to project management, production scheduling, event calendars, and other corporate communications, the application is designed especially for corporate customers maintaining worldwide intranets. Calendar Central gives system administrators real-time control over time-sensitive information without having to maintain the information themselves. Using a central Web server to support enterprise communications, the administrator creates customized calendar views for various work groups or organizations. Users then can enter and view their own events without intervention by the administrator. The filtering capabilities of Calendar Central give users only the information they are looking for, without having to search unwanted entries. "In effect, each group gets its own unique calendar running from the same centralized database," says Flint O'Brien, president. Events can be filtered by location, event type, organization, job function, or other specified criteria. New with V2 are month, week, day, and list views, which have been added to both the Java applet viewer and the regular HTML Web page view.

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