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Raines To Leave OMB

Franklin Raines, director of the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) the last two years, has become the second high-ranking Clinton Administration official this month to announce his departure. On the heels of Energy Secretary Federico Penas resignation Apr. 6, Raines announced Apr. 14 hes leaving to take a lucrative job in the private sector. President Clinton has appointed Raines deputy administrator, Jacob J. (Jack) Lew, as successor.

Well-respected by the business community, Raines was especially close to Clinton -- so much so that early this year he was considered the top candidate to replace Erskine Bowles as White House chief of staff. Raines, however, said he was not interested in the post. Bowles subsequently decided not to leave, at least until Clintons legal difficulties become less disruptive to the White House.

Prior to joining the Administration in 1994 as a special assistant to the President, Lew held posts with the City of Boston and, the Democratic National Committee. Earlier he served eight years as domestic policy adviser to former House Speaker Thomas P. (Tip) ONeill (D., Mass.)

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