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Ranks Swell For Protocol Linking Logistics, Wireless

Compiled By Deborah Austin Savi Technology's Universal Data Appliance Protocol (UDAP) has been adopted by 10 new partners, for a total of 18 companies now supporting the technology for device interoperability. UDAP, announced in October 2001, is an openly licensed protocol linking information from automated data collection devices to the Web-based Savi SmartChain software platform. The data is converted into actionable information that can be shared between secured trading partners, and managed dynamically using Savi's software. UDAP partners -- representing wireless collection and identification technologies -- range from providers of barcode and radio-frequency identification devices (RFID) to wireless application development and integration services, and supply-chain security solutions. Savi - Sunnyvale, Calif. - is a privately held provider of real-time supply-chain asset management and collaboration software.

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