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Renewable Energy Usage Hits 11% in California

A new report released by the Renewable Energy Marketing Board in California shows that the state's renewable energy industry has been growing faster this year than it has in the last decade. The growth has been spurred by California's deregulated electricity market. The report, "How Emerging Green Markets Help Respond to Global Climate Change," indicates that existing renewable energy plants now supply 11% of the electricity consumed in California. The plants also represent more than $6 billion in private sector investment and more than $400 million in annual tax revenues. Under California's restructured electricity industry, residents, businesses, and local governments have the ability to choose their electricity provider for the first time. A number of marketers have responded by offering electricity products produced from renewable resources and other clean sources that emit little or no pollution. Toyota Motor Sales USA is purchasing 100% renewable resources for its headquarters buildings and port facilities in Southern California -- a total of approximately 12 megawatts of clean power or the equivalent of 12,000 to 15,000 households.

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