Report:Global Logistics Market To Exceed $1 Billion

Compiled By Deborah Austin The global logistics solutions (GLS) market will see major growth and transformation in the next five years, says a new report. Worldwide shipments of GLS software and services will increase six-fold by the year 2006, to $1 billion from this year's $165 million -- at a cumulative annual growth rate of more than 43% -- says ARC Advisory Group's new Global Logistics Solutions Worldwide Outlook. And while recurring revenue streams -- including transactions, subscription, and hosting fees -- account for only about 25% of total revenues in 2000, they will become the fastest-growing component of total revenues over the next five years while traditional license fees fade in importance, says ARC senior analyst Adrian Gonzalez. ARC, which provides strategic planning and technology assessment services, is based in Dedham, Mass.

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