ResinateOEM Unites Sourcing, Product Development

Compiled by Tonya Vinas Resinate Corp., a Burlington, Mass-based maker of collaborative planning software solutions for discrete manufacturers, has launched ResinateOEM, which promises to standardize materials sourcing activities and unite them with product development activities across an enterprise. The new offering is designed for Fortune 2000 discrete manufacturers of plastics-based consumer products. "There has been a vital missing link in the collaborative commerce arsenal of tools, and ResinateOEM addresses it by providing OEMs with a central repository of item specifications and performance characteristics in the plastics industry," says Sharon Ward, vice president, Hurwitz Group, a Boston-based technology research and consulting firm. "It allows companies to easily control sourcing and the untrammeled proliferation of materials and suppliers that is all too common in today's manufacturing environments." Companies that use ResinateOEM will have access to Resinate's Materials Database, a resins database containing detailed engineering specifications on more than 10,000 materials.

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