RFID Package Takes Aim At Drug Counterfeiting

Sun Microsystems Inc. and SupplyScape Corp. have teamed to provide a technology solution aimed at combating counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Their solution, Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeit RFID Package, addresses recommendations by the Food and Drug Administration's Counterfeit Drug Task Force, which recently identified radio frequency identification as a track-and-trace technology that could help curb drug counterfeiting. Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeit RFID Package is based on Sun Java Enterprise System Software and Sun's RFID infrastructure software, combined with SupplyScape Electronic Pedigree. SupplyScape's electronic pedigree application uses RFID to build a custodian history, or pedigree, that traces a drug's chain of ownership from the pharmacy back to the manufacturer. The solution complies with the Federal Prescription Drug Marketing Act and several state pedigree regulations. The SupplyScape on Sun solution is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2004. SupplyScape is located in Cambridge, Mass. Sun Microsystems has its headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif.

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