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Satellite Conference Focuses On Women In Business

A live satellite broadcast "gathering" of leading women in business will take place Apr. 5. The Women.future MainEvent is scheduled for more than 200 locations across North and South America; an estimated 100,000 women and men will participate in the event, according to the organization. "We will be stepping into the future to explore the issues that really matter to women executives and professionals," says Susan Willett Bird, Women.future founder and president. Univision Network talk-show host Cristina Saralegui will lead the discussion that will focus on seven topic areas: business leadership; the advantages and perils of new media; how much women affect marketing; the ways women spend, earn, invest, and give away money; new practices and discoveries in the health market; the influence of women in culture; and ways to keep work in perspective in busy lifestyles. The discussions will be broadcast to theaters, corporate boardrooms, and university auditoriums. Scheduled speakers include Carole Black of Lifetime Television, Cathleen Black of Hearst Magazines, Anita Roddick of Body Shop International, Margaret Whitman of eBay, and others. The event will be Web-cast on the Women.future Web site Apr. 6. The event organizers are also taking input on conference content via the Web site.

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