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Schneider Logistics And Hellmann Worldwide Announce Alliance

Compiled By Jill Jusko Supply-chain-management services provider Schneider Logistics Inc. and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics USA are forming a strategic alliance that will expand the services of both companies. Schneider Logistics will provide technical, engineering and supply-chain solutions, while Hellmann Worldwide adds global freight forwarding, customs, warehousing and distribution services to the alliance. The partnership will allow Schneider Logistics to expand its technology platform to include global supply-chain management and freight execution functionality for its customers that do business internationally. Hellmann is expected to achieve increased volume as well as improved North American ground coordination. The alliance offers customers from each organization access to integrated global supply-chain management, re-engineering, freight payment and full execution via the joint service offering. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is headquartered in Miami, while Schneider Logistics Inc. is based in Green Bay, Wis.

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