SCPM Apps Drive Visibility To Automotive Parts Aftermarket

Compiled By Deborah Austin SeeCommerce -- Palo Alto, Calif. -- has launched two supply-chain performance management (SCPM) applications tailored to the automotive aftermarket parts industry, both based on its SeeChain SCPM applications. The Supplier Performance Management application helps automotive OEMs:

  • Identify: Notifying with prioritized alerts when supplier performance drops below acceptable levels for quality, timeliness, etc.
  • Understand: Evaluating reasons for problems; enabling original/alternative supplier collaboration to show implications of changes on supply chain.
  • Act: Driving response creation for most-efficient improvements.
The Inventory Performance Management application lets them:
  • Identify: Alerting when key metrics stray outside acceptable levels for forecast accuracy, inventory levels, etc.
  • Understand: Evaluating forecasts versus actuals, assessing implications of past dues and dealer backorders.
  • Act: Driving actions including inventory transfers, past-due order cancellations, parts salvage.
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