September Stanford Program Addresses Outsourcing

The Stanford Center for Professional Development will present a three-day executive program on outsourcing. Dates for "Outsourcing: Pitfalls and Opportunities" are Sept. 13-15 at the Stanford University Campus in Stanford, Calif. The event is targeted toward senior-level managers and aims to help decision-makers understand all sides of the outsourcing debate, as well as improve their ability to evaluate outsourcing strategies, the Stanford Center says. "Outsourcing is the biggest business buzzword of 2004, but on the whole today's decision-makers don't understand the entire range of considerations that go into the implementation of a successful outsourcing strategy," says Andy DiPaolo, executive director of the Stanford Center. Highlights of the September program include a presentation by Cory Billington, former vice president of supply-chain services at Hewlett-Packard Co., as well as an Xbox case study to illustrate supply-chain partnership integration. For more information about the event, go online to

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