Shipcom Announces RFID Laboratory

Shipcom Wireless Inc., a global provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions, has introduced its RFID Solution Center, thereby joining a growing number of firms that provide customers with a laboratory setting to understand the new technology. The Houston-based firm said its laboratory was established to "help companies understand how to plan, install and deploy these mission-critical solutions without compromising the performance of their existing enterprise applications." The solutions center is located in Houston. The technology firm also announced its RFID Fixed Time - Fixed Price pilot program, which it says is yet another method that allows organizations to assess the challenges of large-scale electronic-product-code (EPC) compliant RFID technology without compromising current investments in operations applications. "Our customers have been requesting an environment to model and emulate their business scenarios while providing access to multiple readers as well as integration to various back-end systems," says Shipcom President and CEO Abeezar Tyebji.

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