Software Enables Real-Time Transactions

Compiled By Deborah Austin Integrated Software Systems (ISS), Franklin, Mass., provider of Internet-based collaborative solutions offers a new low-cost suite of Web-based supply-chain-related solutions for businesses of all sizes. ISS targets packaged and electronic goods suppliers and buyers; the new products offer core solutions separately from more-expensive extras. With national retail chains moving suppliers online, even small companies' infrastructures must integrate supply-chain tools, says ISS President and CEO Steve Horton. ISS is a certified UCCnet alliance partner whose software offers participation in solicitations by UCCnet partners -- including Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and Coca-Cola. Neutral e-community UCCnet is a subsidiary of global standards organization Uniform Code Council Inc. New ISS interoperable business-to-business solutions: Cericom e-Catalog and e-commerce Platform, Ceriview Supply Chain Management and ISS Capital Asset Management.

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