Software Makes Manufacturing 'easy work'

Compiled By Dave Schafer iTAC Software, Dernbach, Germany, has released easy work 2.0, a suite of collaborative tools that simplify real-time manufacturing insight and decision making via a Web browser. ITAC, a collaborative production management solution provider, says easy work 2.0 is based on Java, Corba, and XML standards. The application allows customers and suppliers to see into production in real time over the Internet. "Global manufacturers need to be able to quickly and easily access production information anytime, anywhere," says Steve Vogel, president of iTAC's U.S. division. "easy work provides tools to enhance real-time shop-floor visibility and decision making among manufacturing plants, customers, and suppliers." Among easy work 2.0's features:

  • Traceablility tracks and documents production progress of components, subassemblies, and final assemblies online through all states of production.
  • Material and Logistics provides complete material inventory visibility and an "electronic kanban" to bring materials to the production line.
  • Online Process Monitoring monitors all production processes and alarms users when problems occur.
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency is a reporting system for machine and production-line assembly.
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