Software Manages HR Functions Over Intranet

One of several new products geared toward human resources professionals, Conduit Softwares HRConnect is deployed over the company intranet and allows employees to change and investigate appropriate HR information on themselves and HR services.

The system is built around 200 user-friendly applications in six basic categories including Acquire (recruiting, teams); Hire (new hire enrollment, orientation); Develop (career, personal, training/education); Assist (work, life, open enrollment, communication); Track (performance management, time/attendance, health/safety); and Evolve (personnel actions, succession planning, separation). For example, the personal application in the Develop category provides financial modeling so employees can do "what if" scenarios to assist in planning for retirement. Payroll modeling is used to determine the net effect on a paycheck due to changing a deduction or a tax exemption. Links are also provided to the company's wellness and employee assistance program including benefit plans, career path, and team recruiting.

HR management can customize or reconfigure the system to meet specific company needs without writing code. Conduit Software is based in Atlanta.

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