Software Suite Offers Global Visibility, Dynamic Optimization

Compiled By Jill Jusko Vizional Technologies Inc. says its Vizional Adaptive Planning and Execution software suite will help manufacturers and their value-chain partners reduce supply-chain uncertainty and improve profitability through its real-time global visibility and dynamic supply network optimization. The suite, which employs agent-based technologies, encompasses four stand-alone applications: Vizional Adaptive Demand Management, comprised of three modules; Vizional Adaptive Inventory Management, comprised of two modules; Vizional Adaptive Capacity Management, comprised of two modules; and Vizional Adaptive Identification Management. The adaptive identification management application introduces the Vizional RFID (radio frequency identification) Network Enabler, which the company says can identify, track and secure inventory, assets and in-transit goods in real time. The Vizional Adaptive Collaboration Platform is the backbone of all the company's applications, and is event-based and scalable. Visional Technologies is based in Santa Monica, Calif.

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