Solder Replacements Promising

Results from the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences' four-year, $19 million program to find an alternative to eutectic tin/lead solder proved prosperous. The report presents a detailed evaluation of 79 lead-free alloys, seven of which prove promising as candidate replacements. The project was initiated in response to potential legislation that would ban or restrict the use of lead, a major concern for the electronics industry, where use of tin/lead solder is widespread. The NCMS sponsored program was conducted by a slew of organizations including AT&T/Lucent Technologies, the Navy's Electronic Manufacturing Productivity Facility, Ford Motor Company, GM-Delco Electronics, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

The report can be purchased for $100 for non-NCMS members and $50 for NCMS members. To order, call Barbara Johnson at 313-995-0300.

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