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Solution Blocks Unwanted Software

Tangram Enterprise Solutions Inc., a Cary, N.C.-based provider of IT asset management solutions, is offering its OverSight software that denies access to any program or file on any desktop, according to the company. Oversight denies access and permanently disarms execution of every type of software file or application, including viruses and worms, file sharing programs and spyware, unmonitored or unapproved instant messaging applications, and illegal music and movie players. It also targets unapproved, illegal software that violates corporate desktop or network standards. To block access to a particular file or program, a company's designated manager works with a Policy Management Console and selects a predefined "policy" (rule) or defines a new policy, which includes control options over execution, rename, copy, delete and read access. The IT manager can then identify the target computers and create customizable end-user and system messages. The manager then pushes the policies throughout the enterprise and monitors the progress of distribution from any secure enterprise location worldwide. "Businesses today are faced with an overwhelming array of attacks on their networks, from outside and inside," says Ron Nabors, Tangram's senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "Tangram users can now significantly reduce business and security risks, legal exposure and downtime by exploiting OverSight's unique capabilities to block any and all unwanted software files and applications from their entire network, regardless of the size or geography or complexity." OverSight runs as part of either Asset Insight or the unified Insight solution, Tangram's IT asset management software.

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