Solution Eliminates Data-Flow Interruptions

The IndustrialSQL Server 8.0 Enterprise Edition historian by Wonderware is a real-time plant historian that enables users to store data to a secondary server if the primary server goes offline and forward the stored data to the primary server without interruptions when the server is restored, according to the Lake Forest, Calif.-based provider of industrial automation software. The solution supports Microsoft clustering services (groups of computers that work together to run a common set of applications) and can "support customers who rely on failover clusters to ensure that their plant data is available whenever they need it," says Jim Frider, product marketing manager for Wonderware's plant intelligence products. "Real-time plant information can power faster and smarter plant decisions, helping customers more effectively deliver on critical corporate initiatives such as improved asset utilization, plant productivity and world-class product quality," adds Frider. Wonderware is an operating unit of Invensys Systems Inc.

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