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Solution Tests Corporate Governance Knowledge

Barnet Associates LLC, a Ridgefield, Conn.-based software and consulting company, is offering its Knowledge Accountability solution to help companies comply with the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which was passed by Congress to help reduce corporate fraud. The solution features Web-based interactive training and testing programs that aim to help employees understand corporate policies and processes. Once implemented, management and employees can log on to the Knowledge Accountability browser to take brief tests to assess their knowledge of corporate governance and reporting policies. The tests, which are customized by the customer, conform to company-specific guidelines, according to Barnet Associates. Executive summaries derived from the tests show overall employee knowledge on selected policies, time taken to complete the programs, topics that are not fully understood, and employees or departments that may require additional help. Barnet serves as the Web host for the training and testing programs, or it can transfer administration to the customer's IT department.

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