Sterling, Ameritech Steer Auto Suppliers To Online Hub

Compiled By Deborah Austin Ameritech and Sterling Commerce -- SBC Communications Inc. subsidiaries -- will provide combined service packages to help suppliers transact and collaborate with automakers on the Advanced Network eXchange (ANX) online trading network. Ameritech already is a certified service provider providing dedicated high-speed access into ANX -- and all ANX transactions are transmitted through an Ameritech-operated central exchange point. Under this latest alliance, Sterling also will provide data format translation and connectivity services for supplier firms on non-ANX-compatible systems so they can connect without investing in new technology. DaimlerChrysler Corp., Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp., and more than 500 of their suppliers and trading partners participate in ANX. Columbus, Ohio-based Sterling provides products and services addressing e-marketplaces and e-business. Communications services provider Ameritech is headquartered in Chicago; SBC in San Antonio.

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