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Study: Middle Managers Plan To Move On

By John S. McClenahen If you're a middle manager, look around you. Chances are just about even that either you or one of your colleagues is looking to leave your current job. According to a survey of 509 U.S. middle managers conducted last month for Accenture, a global management consulting firm, 38% are looking for another job and an additional 10% plan to do so when the U.S. economy picks up and the job market strengthens. Of those managers currently looking for a new job, 64% say they will intensify their searches when the job market strengthens. Why seek to leave? Most (56%) cite better pay or benefits. Other reasons: better conditions or job prospects (12%), better training and development opportunities (8%), lack of prospects or advancement in current job (8%), dislike of current job (7%) and dislike of boss (6%).

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