Study: Women Execs Content With Hours They Work

While the vast majority of senior female executives (96%) said they work more than 45 hours in an average week, nearly 80% expressed contentment with their work-life integration in a recent poll by professional-services firm Ernst & Young LLP. In fact, if an overseas assignment became available and would help further their careers, 56% of those surveyed said they would likely welcome the chance -- although 70% of them are married and 59% have children. The survey also found that nearly three-quarters of respondents said they would like to retire in their 50s. Having an influential mentor or sponsor is most important to a woman's career development, said 32% -- while 31% cited consistently exceeding performance expectations as important. Demographic findings: Nearly 90% of respondents said they provide more than half their household income; 67% of the women's spouses work outside the home and 26% work at home. The survey was conducted at the fifth annual Ernst & Young Women's Leadership Conference this October.

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