Supplier-Owned Inventory Joins SRM Solution

Compiled By Deborah Austin Supplier-Owned Inventory (SOI) -- a supply-chain process management application designed to let manufacturing companies and their supply-chain partners implement complex business relationships like vendor-managed inventory and consignment without compromising manufacturing efficiency -- has been released by ClearOrbit, Austin, Texas, provider of supply-chain execution and collaboration solutions. SOI, the second module in ClearOrbit's Endeavor series - a real-time supplier relationship management (SRM) solution -- gives Web-based visibility to suppliers and customers jointly managing inventory levels. It shows on-hand inventory, future demand, in-transit items and suggested reorder points -- alerting decision-makers when exceptions occur. The Endeavor series leverages companies' current enterprise software system investments by maintaining the single data model delivered by their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The first Endeavor module, Online PO, was launched in November 2001.

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