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Survey: E-Business Investments Will Increase During Economic Turndown

Compiled By Deborah Austin During the predicted economic downturn, executives at many major global firms actually plan to increase e-business investments, shows a recent survey by Boston-based AMR Research Inc., which provides research and analysis of e-business strategies and technologies. Eighty-seven percent of respondents plan to sustain or increase e-business investments in supplier management, sales and channel management, and B2B marketplaces -- all aimed at increasing top-line and bottom-line results. Among other findings: 87% of respondents will sustain or increase budget initiatives on sales and customer management; 84%, supplier management; and 94%, B2B marketplace initiatives. But e-business investment in internal systems will become lower priority. The survey shows "e-business and its supporting technology are too important to let an economic downturn derail current plans," says AMR president and CEO Tony Friscia.

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