Survey: E-Marketplace Savings Has A Cost

Compiled By Deborah Austin For businesses, the benefits of eMarketplaces come at a price: big-bucks integration costs. Companies will spend an estimated $5.4 million to $22.9 million each over the next half-decade to integrate into online markets, says Forrester Research in its report "What Does eMarketplace Buying Cost?" Purchasing organizations must invest heavily in four areas, it says: changing internal procurement processes, integrating eMarketplaces within internal systems, purchasing business-to-business applications, and paying eMarketplace transaction fees. "Companies can make the most out of these outlays by documenting workflows, leveraging their integration efforts, and pushing their purchases online," says Forrester Analyst Matthew Sanders. On average, firms expect online buying efforts to save 4% this year and 8% by 2003. Emerging-technology research firm Forrester is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass.

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