Survey: Employee Morale Up Despite Down Economy

Compiled By Traci Purdum Layoffs and corporate scandals haven't soured employees' views of their companies according to the recently conducted Corporate Credibility and Employee Communication Survey. The survey, conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Council of Public Relations Firms, interviewed 609 employed men and women and 671 randomly selected SHRM-member human resource professionals. The employee interviews were conducted by the Roper ASW research firm. Surprisingly, many employees feel their companies appreciate them and offer open communication that in turn boosts morale, the survey found. Some key findings include:

  • 82% of the employees and 95% of the HR professionals said their company was always or usually open and honest in communicating with its employees, while 15% of the employees and 6% of the HR respondents said their company was rarely or never open and honest.
  • 59% of the employees and 63% of the HR professionals said their company's demonstration of appreciation for its workers was good or very good. Additionally, employees were asked: Considering the impact that corporate scandals, layoffs, the battered stock market, the weak economy and terrorism have had on the workplace, which one of the following are you most worried about? Their responses include:
  • Nothing -- 21%
  • Losing job -- 19%
  • Company going out of business -- 13%
  • Losing employee retirement savings - 12%
  • Losing employee benefits, such as healthcare insurance -- 10%
  • Physical security at work -- 9%
  • Company relocating -- 4% "The success of an organization is dependent on whether its employees are valued and productive, confident in their leadership and proud of their organization," says Sue Meisinger, SHRM president and CEO. "Communication and appreciation are critical tools in achieving that."
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